I've tried and tried to build one, but i'm lost at what support cards i.e., traps and spell card to add. The main reason I what to use all of the same type is because of solidarity.
There is more than one way to skin this cat. The way that would usually work would be picking a boss monster and focusing on getting it out asap since you want a zombie deck I would suggest keeping it under 2000 DEF so you can use pyramid turtle for it, my suggestion is running it at 3. Also for the solidarity a nice way to bypass its all the same type for zombies is using zombie world since all monsters on the field and in the grave than become zombie type. Underworld supports like Tristan and Isolde could work out for you nicely for a rank 4 or higher XYZ.
Keep in mind zombies do depend on the graveyard and since most of them are dark you can use armageddon knights and uni-zombies to send them there and summon them using the book of life.
Yeah, I tried using zombie world with solidarity but it only works on original type print.
Ok this is a start I think since you want to use solidarity in this deck go for an attack boost boss and in that case Shadow Ghoul is your guy since he can get an enormous attack from solidarity tnx to his effect.

This is a trial version suit it a little to your taste.
And keep in mind i did not put in any draw engine cards so work a little on it i think that dealings and allure will suffice.
Also I leave the rest of the extra deck to you hope you have fun.
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OK, I'm downloading it now. Thanks.
I use pain painter as my tuner to summon Beelze and Archfiend, Zombie Skull.
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