I understand it's in beta version so this is just stuff I have noticed that I would like to see not happen later lol. First off when I have them use dragon rulers they go full retard and blow their whole hand, use wrong effects and banish the wrong stuff (They'll search for koaki or debris and use it to banish and SS a dragon). They rarely plus, also they seem to like setting heavy storm and blow their traps first possible moment. I had an exterio and android out and the AI decided it would be cool to own an android so decided big eye that vs exterio. I had them use Bujin and it would add Habakiri (or whichever one is like honest) and then choose the one they just added as a discard rather than one that's better off in the grave. Aside from derpy stuff they do, the feature seems smooth for all I was able to tell so far and have hopes that maybe the AI will have more "thought" similar to console YGO games and heck maybe even be better.
Same thing with me, it seems the AI system does everything it can do, no matter how stupid it is. Even if it is not a logical thing to do, if the conditions required to play a card have been met, the AI will do it. Notable examples are: heavy their own set traps right after setting them, using their whole hand to summon every possible monster they can at that moment, then xyz and synchro using everything on the field and suiciding most of it against my strongest monster (attacking a Gimmick Puppet of Leo with Black Salvo never gets old), never ever ever setting a monster, and for some reason the AI can special summon Machina Fortress from the hand without discarding a sum of 8 levels or more, it just throws Fortress in the grave by itself and Fortress comes to the field right away.
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