Cards such as Soul Resurrection/Call of the Haunted and Kunai with Chain often do not leave the Field when they should, (e.g., the Monster is destroyed), meaning that a S/T zone is unusable for that match.

My computer : Windows Vista Home Premium
My brother's computer : Windows 8.1 Home Basic
1) Wrong section of the forum
2) A replay would help
3) Those cards usually state when they are destroyed, if that condition isn't fulfilled then the card stays on the field. EX: Call of the Haunted summons Junk Synchron. Summon Ticky by it's own effect. Synchro summon Stardust Dragon. Junk Synchron left the field but wasn't destroyed, COTH stays face-up on the field.
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1) Where would I post on a glitch? Would it be the Card rulings and card bugs  section, (it looks more like specific cards)?
2) My brother may have saved a replay, how would I be able to show it?
3) I did not summon anything fancy, (sometimes just a C.o.t.H. on an Alexandrite Dragon), so there were never other effects in play, (when playing my brother on L.A.N. neither has effects to do this to the opponent/ourselves). Basically the Monster is destroyed, (e.g., Dark Hole), so the C.o.t.H.; etc., should go to the Graveyard but they stay in a S/T zone.