Bee Ba
Without even downloading the deck, I know this is a Brainwash deck. Here are a few that you can see that may spark some ideas:  (not updated, but still look at it)  (updated, download Brainwash deck from tcg folder)
Bee Ba
Best draw power is with cardcard D. Trial and tribulations doesn't always work the way you want. Flying C is good because it stops a lot of OP xyz monsters. Giving 2000 LP is nothing. I would gladly pay half my LP to get rid of 1 of your OP monsters. Summoner's curse is a good tech card. I think AM's Brainwash v2 and v4 are best. There is also Ojama Trio.

Aggressive is good, that's how you win. 😛
Bee Ba
Well, you play smart. Not use all your cards just for one attack to leave yourself open for a counter-attack. Keep card advantage. Brainwash deck is usually a defensive deck. You let the opponent summon and you stall and draw and then tribute and take control. But you need to attack. AM's Brainwash deck is most likely the most consistent one I've seen. You should try dueling the AI with the different versions to see what works best for you. 🙂
Michael Lawrence Dee
Go here: 
Axel Brodie 04 - just edit to make it legit.

EDIT: Note that they ARE NOT Character Decks.
Now this is how I play:
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