Hello! So It's been a while since I have gotten really serious about playing Yugioh again. I recently found out all of my friends all have decks, so we all started meeting up on weekends to play each other! In light of this, I'd like to ask the yugioh community for some input on how to make this dragon deck I've constructed. Its by no means a tournament winner, but any comments that could improve it or help in any way are greatly appreciated. Alright, here we go:

Monsters (20)

(3) Blizzard Dragon
(1) Tiger Dragon
(3) Delta Flyer
(2) Exploder Dragon
(1) Decoy Dragon
(1) Marshmallon
(3) Maiden with Eyes of Blue
(1) Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
(1) White Stone of Legend
(2) Blue Eyes White Dragon
(2) Shining Angel

Traps (9)
(1) Karma Cut
(1) Dimensional Prison
(2) Mirror Force
(1) Torrential Tribute
(1) Bottomless Trap Hole
(1) Castle of Dragon Souls
(1) Fiendish Chain
(1) Breakthrough Skill

Spells (11)
(1) Wonder Wand
(1) One-for-One
(1) Dragon Shrine
(3) Mystical Space Typhoon
(1) Dark Hole
(2) Silvers Cry
(1) Dragons Mirror
(1) Pot of Duality

Extra Deck (12)
(1)Abyss Dweller
(2) Azure Eyes Silver Dragon
(1) Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
(1) Exploder Dragonwing
(2) Thoughtruler Archfiend
(1) Red Dragon Archfiend
(1) Black Rose Dragon
(1) Heratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis
(1) First of the Dragons
(1) Five Headed Dragon

So, as you can probably see, this is a variant of the popular Blue Eyes Saga Structure deck. I've used this deck a total of 10 times over the past few weeks, and came across a few issues. For one, it was sometimes hard to synchro summon the cards in my extra deck. Delta Flyer is great because it seems to add a lot of flexibility when it comes to synchro summoning, but sometimes I'll draw it with nothing to use its effect on. When building this deck, I had a plan in mind that would allow me to constantly have dragons out on the field with the effect of Maiden and Delta Flyer being able to utilize its effect to synchro summon monsters. When I've played, however, I'm either obliterated by my opponents card combinations with essentially no way to counter them (My friends vampire deck that can just combo everything from having monsters sent/in his graveyard) or I just have dead cards in my hand that don't contribute to advancing my own game state. I am aware that dragons aren't necessarily the strongest cards in the game, but I'd like to think I should be able to stand a chance against my casually competitive friends decks with some dragon variant. Any help is appreciated 🙂