After getting the newest update for Mac, I went and did a few duels with the AI, during which I realized the game was not letting me activate Miracle Fusion even when I met the conditions of using it. I have Elemental Hero The Shining in my Extra deck, and at one point I had both Elemental Hero Neo Alius and Elemental Hero Shadow Mist in my graveyard and Elemental Hero Bubbleman on the field. I also want to stress the fact that the AI had NO CARDS ON THE FIELD. There was nothing that should have prevented me from activating Miracle Fusion. After that I tried in the next few duels to try to see if I could get Miracle Fusion to work, but to no avail.
Works fine for me.

Please provide a replay of this situation stating when you could not use the card. You can create a replay yourself by opening two YgoPro games and duelling yourself in LAN mode this can ensure you can replicate your situation.
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