Hey Guys, this is my first post here. I'd like to share my deck I'm trying to workout with which contains well..... burn and anti burn cards...

This deck seems to be fast .. burning from both sides...

Do comment for improvement/(or ridicule)...

Monsters:- 16

3x Lava Golem
3x Nurse Reficule the fallen one
1X Silent Wobby
3x Marshmallon
3x Brain Jacker
3x Swifft Scarecrow

Spells:- 7

3x Upstart Goblin
3x Messenger of Peace
1x Chicken Race

Traps:- 17

3x Just Desserts
3x Secret Barrel
3x Gift Card
2x The Paths of Destiny
3x Dimension Wall
3x Bad Reaction to Simochi
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Seems like it's just a Burn Deck.
Bee Ba
Nurse Burn is an old deck. Chicken Race is a bad idea because when your opponent's LP is lower than yours, he won't take any effect or battle damage. The opponent simply has to pay 1000 lp to destroy Chicken Race too.

Fast? There is no draw engine in your whole deck. You've just put a lot of burn cards together. This is not even better than the old Nurse Burn deck. You need to use a draw engine like Hope for Escape, Accumulated Fortune, Cardcard D, Reckless Greed, etc. Using Upstart Goblin isn't enough.

The new Nurse Burn actually increases the opponent's LP until there is greater than 8000 LP difference between you and your opponent. Then you use Life Equalizer along with Gift Card or Tri-and-Guess with Nurse Reficule or Bad Reaction to deal 3000 dmg for game. The reason to do this over the other way is because you can draw using Hope for Escape. Hope for Escape can let you draw more than 6 cards in a single turn without the downside of Reckless Greed.
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