hey there i need some help with something. So i just recently downloaded ygopro and i started playing and when i tried to save my replays they are not saving. I've tried it at least 5 times and none of them have saved. Is there something i have to do in order to get them or what because i like to look at my replays and analyze and see the strategies of both me and my opponenent. Can someone help me out here please?
Bee Ba
1. Have a folder called "replay" in main ygopro folder.
2. Have a file called "_LastReplay.yrp" in replay folder. If not there, create it.
where exactly do i find the ygopro folder? i can't seem to find it on my computer? all i have is the ygopro download on my desktop
Bee Ba
I'm not sure if I can help you there. You should know the location of a folder of a program you install when you install it. I never installed ygopro, I just unzipped it, so for me, the folder is in my download folder.
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Are you using Illegal Characters when typing the name?