I'm running YGOPro Card Manager alongside Percy, but for some reason when it launches it says "can't find cards.cdb." I have Card Manager in the same folder as cards.cdb, but it still won't find it. I also can't find a way to manually locate it. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
Bee Ba
Solution: Don't use Card manager. Use DataEditorX or SQLite. Card Manager has too many bugs before it can be used.
I can't seem to find downloads of either of those. (Do they have pre-compiled downloads? I'm not good with raw source code.)

Do they have Mac versions? That isn't necessary, but it would help a lot.
Bee Ba
Both have post-compiled downloads i.e. just click the exe file. I'm not sure if they are compatible with mac. You can just type in google the name and download to find the right version for you.
Which version specific are you using?? Devpro Card Manager?? is only compatible with Devpro, also my YGOPRO card Manager, is Work in progress and full compatible with Percy, cross platform, to be tested on Mac... Search for it in this project tread.