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I noticed Number 81 always activates effect to protect itself from destruction or card effects, and even against any Raidraptor except Rise Falcon. Rise Falcon's effect targets but Number 81 refuses to counter it with its effect.
Dora's script does not include protecting from ATK/DEF changing effects yet. These are kind of hard to detect and quantify for the AI, it cannot reliably tell, if it would lose a battle after a certain ATK/DEF modification is applied. I'll tinker around with it, but I am not sure, if I can improve on that, without making it waste XYZ Materials on not-so-threatening ATK/DEF modifiers like the Forbidden cards. If I make it protect itself from all ATK/DEF modifying effects, the player can easily make it burn charges with those, even if he doesn't control a monster at all.
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