So I made a deck and wanted to face the mermail AI to test my deck against the meta-ish decks. Ai went first, set one monster, end. And I got this error. It didn't stop the game at first, so I continued my turn. Ended up with turn two Vanity's Fiend and once it hit the field the error occurred again. This time, crashing the game. Figured it was something to report. :)

EDIT: Can't upload a photo in any format so I'll copy/paste the error.

[Script error 🙂 [string "./script/c97268402.lua"] : 20 : attempt to call field 'GetTurnPlayer' (a nil value)

Now this is repeated multiple times before the crash, it is listed in the visual in-game log 5 times before it happens.
Thanks for the report. I would like to see the screenshot as well, could you upload it to a website like imgur.com and post a link?

The error message points to the card script of Effect Veiler. Since Veiler is not known to have any issues, and 'GetTurnPlayer' is a perfectly valid function, yet is reported missing here, I doubt, I can do anything for this issue, though. Bugs like these seem to come up randomly in rare situations, just some cards not functioning anymore reporting weird error messages, breaking the rest of the duel. I've seen this a couple of times on my end, and I don't have the slightest idea, how to fix those, or if they are even related to my AI script.