Good evening
A new movie is coming and I heard there will be a new blue-eyes white dragon effect monster and also a new dark magician is it really true ?
If yes will other cards be included like dark magician girl and will they get a new support I mean Dark Magicians and Blue-eyes ?
( Sorry for my bad english / I am new here sorry if I posted in the wrong place )
Those guys have had several retrains already, but it is still possible they will get another one.

Although, trying to replace the old cards by giving them an effect, makes them unusable with alot of other cards like Ancient Rules and Ebon Illusion Magician.
You got a point but Magical Dimension will still be usable which it is also important. About Ebon It is possible for them to create another XYZ and new effect monsters like they did with Red-EYES to make them easy to summon.
So what do you think Guys ??
Nice question I hope we get an answer