I've been testing this deck many times and I think that I found a powerful one to play with and it's a combination of Elemental Hero Neos with Malefic monsters and Rainbow Dragon. It doesn't happen that often that you can summon Rainbow Neos from the hand with Fusion Gate but with Prism you can speed it up. Rainbow Neos is sadly not called Elemental Hero - Rainbow Neos in its name, otherwise I could have used Parallel World Fusion or Miracle Fusion on it but it doesn't matter because the lack of easy summoning conditions for Rainbow Neos is compensated with Elemental Hero Shining. What makes this deck powerful is Super Polymerization because it allows you to discard useless monsters such as the Malefic ones that you can't keep on the field if there is no field spell, but it adds dark to the graveyard which opens a door for Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning. Also named as BLS. BLS is the winner in this repay as well as super poly.
However when it does happen that I can summon Rainbow Neos, it's a win. 4500 Attack beatstick with monster or spell/trap removal effect. Once he is out, you don't need to worry about the cost for that effect. I've been testing this so many times. I could even win two times in a row against dragon rulers. No joke but in the long run Dragon Rulers is still superior, I am sorry.
I remember that two years ago I saw one person asking people if it was a good idea to build this type of deck but certain cards weren't out yet, such as A Hero Lives.
Anyway enjoy the show and please give feedback. I will edit this topic/thread if I have more interesting replays, including the ones that show the weakness of this deck and one them is when you have cards you can't use.
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