I'm trying to script two cards. They're work mostly fine, just one effect each that doesn't work.

The first is a Field Spell


Problem: It says at line 59 (the first bolded part; the second is the corresponding function) that Parameter 2 should be a 'Function'. The effect is basically copied from Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.

Also, I would like to add the underlined effect as well, but I don't know how to do that part (treating certain cards as part of a different archetype only while on field or in grave)

The second card is a Ritual Spell


Problem: It says at line 29 'attempt to index global 'c' (a nil value)'
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This is for the effect that sumons red-eyes from hand or grave, It's one of those anoying bugs that appear if you don't write the effects correctly, it's fixed also i add the discarding cost that i don't know why but you didn't put.

Code in the spoiler

Also i'm gonna try to script the other effect that treats monsters as red-eyes but that may take a little time

UPDATE: it was not easy but i was able to script the effect that treats all those cards has red-eyes cards

Code in the spoiler:

About your ritual spell card, i didn't test this but the first thing i noticed is that you don't have the ""c:"" declared on the function, try to replace with this c76146317.thfilter(c) may it will work
Thanks. About the discard cost, I removed it as part of my trial-and-error attempts to get it the effect to work, then I forgot to put it back in

EDIT: Tried the codes. When I changed the Ritual spell script line to c76146317.thfilter(c) it says '6 Parameters are needed'.

And for the field spell, it still gives a 'Parameter 2 should be 'function'', this time at line 73 (in bold)

I tried removing the cost effect (again), but then the error message remains, but then corresponds to the 'new' line 73 (which would be the SetTarget line).
INOV 2016. Make Red-Eyes great again
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