I have the full version installed on my MACbook. No problem with it….. now that the update is out… i downloaded it… opened it.. and i got a window where a yellow box appears.. clicked on it and i took me to another window that says. >Welcome to the Ygopro update 1.033.6 installer.. You will be guided through the necessary steps to complete installation> then i click continue…. asked me for admin password.. then installed successfully…. i open ygopro and i get the pop up window that says
there is an available update… i figured it was a mistake since i just updated it.. i ignored it and opened the deck edit to checkout the new psyframe cards….. none appear… the program did not update… Please help me. or am i doing something wrong??
This happened to me, then I downloaded the update again and installed it on my MAC. Now the app won't even open on my mac. Please fix this.
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