Starting a few nights ago, YGOPro has been "crashing" on me during Multiplayer duels. I can still highlight cards and read their effects, but get no options to play/set cards or activate effects. Sometimes this happens after I've activated a card, and it'll just sit there on the field doing nothing. My opponent also always tells me that whenever the "freezing" happens, he'll get a disconnect or surrender from my part. Anyone have any ideas what's going on? I've also started getting an error saying "Failed to parse server data", so it could have something to do with all this.

The problem is kind of confusing since it was working perfectly well before, and I haven't made any changes other than delete some of the AI decks. Could this be part of the problem? I've done it before with previous version but never got the problem I'm getting now.
its in version 1.033.6 percy this has been happened alot , due to the 1v2 mode beig added , the app crashes more now and mr. percy struggles to have 1v2 mode on with no crashes , but atleast it doesnt crash as much as it did awhile back with the 1v2 mode

dont even get me started on how much the AI mode crashes now .. hope fully all errors and bugs get fixed in next version , next month in mid-november [:thumbu:]

thank u [:clap:]
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