I've discarded Broww, Huntsman of Dark World by the effect of Toy Vendor but Broww didn't activate it's effect. Is it correct(Why?) or is it a bug?

There are 2 different discards for Toy Vendor:

  • If you discarded Broww to activate the effect to draw 1 card, Broww cannot activate, because he was discarded as a Cost and not by a Card Effect. Working as intended.
  • If you discarded any card, then drew into Broww, which then gets discarded by Toy Vendor, because it is not a "Fluffal" monster, Broww should activate, because he was discarded by a Card Effect. In this case, please provide a replay of the situation, there are a lot of other cards and effects, that could have prevented Broww from activating.

  • theceic
    Ok : clear!
    It didn't activate since was discarded ad activation cost.