Any advice on these decks are appreciated. I've been out of the game a while, so help is greatly needed. Here are the ideas for decks I want so far.

Some way to work 3 armityles

Black Luster Envoys, beginning and twilight

Creator God of Light deck

There may be more later, but I will just post new when i think of it lol[:wall:] Thanks in advanced!
Check my deck thread for those decks. I have Armityle, Twilight, and Horakthy decks in the tcg/ocg folder. I should have all decks. If I don't have something, feel free to request it. 🙂 Welcome back to the game.
Michael Lawrence Dee
Hmm... I want to learn using Twilight. I borrow that too. [:thumbu:]
Now this is how I play:
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