Hey guys! My name is Biotomic and I am the head Admin for The Fallen Academy! We are a gaming community that wants to help fellow gamers make friends. We primarily play YGO but if you are nice enough then we will play other games with you.

The program that we use for the community is completely free and the download is optional. If you want to just use the community in your web browser that is completely ok, although the downloaded version of Discord (The Program) supports Voice chat.

Upon entering the community, You will be placed in one of three dorms. Slifer Red, Obelisk Blue, and Ra Yellow. Each Dorm has their own private chat that members of the other dorms can not see. Although, admins have access to all the chats. Keep the chats PG13 unless you have been granted access to the Yuu Room with is the NSFW Section. A private chat must be made with an admin if you wish to be allowed in there. Be warned, I know from experience how knarly it can get in there. It is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Anyways! The community will gladly help any new duelists get better with their decks and we all share any cool decks that we make or find in the Deck Library room. I for one posted an entire file that has a majority of all my decks that I am willing to share. If there is a deck that you want, just ask about it in the Deck Library room, and someone will most likely make the deck for you.

Alright guys, this is where I leave to advertise for this else where. I really hope that you guys check us out. The link to the community will be below. Thanks!!