Hi Guys,

When I update my ygopro mac from 1.033.5b - 1.033.6b it downloads fine but when I try to open it the application bounces like once on my dock then disappears without giving me a warning or something that I would expect like "ygopro quit unexpectedly would you like to report this, reopen or ignore". I originally downloaded it while I was using Yosemite and then I retried with El Capitan but the program didn't run on either, I've downloaded it several times to see if the problem was a one off or simply I was using outdated software but that isn't the case, I'm currently running 1.033.5b so I can play but I would really appreciate having this problem fixed so I could play the new version and be able to play online without seeing several white (blank) cards.

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or if anyone else is currently experiencing this problem. If you need anymore information to solve this please ask I would really appreciate having this problem solved.

Hope this makes sense, hakaria84.
No, I don't receive any pop-up notifications when ygopro crashes (I assume it "crashes" on startup but their might be another term for this). In 1.033.5b ygopro did quit unexpectedly on me (usually after online duels) and it would give me an error report but not this time.

The game crashes at different stages (times), sometimes it will crash within the first second (without appearing in the menu bar) but sometimes it would load for about 3 seconds and the application title ygopro will be displayed on the menu bar (I'm using the 13 inch MacBook Pro) then it would crash. I've been waiting for the next update to come out hoping that it will somehow fix the problem.