Good day all,

I have come across a bug with the new card "Goyo King" whenever, I attack and destroy a monster by battle using "Goyo King", I can't special summon it (my opponent destroyed monster) whatever the monster.

Then the this error appears in the chat log;

[Script error :] [string "./script/c84305651.lua"] :70: Parameter 1 should be "card".

I've tried many times and every time the same thing happens' nothing and that error message appears in the chat log.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards!


P.S. : This Yu-gi-oh! game is amazing, in my opinion it puts Konami Handheld game to shame, keep up the good work.

In the purpose of trying to recreate the exact thing that happened; The following is a resume of one of my Duel against Kaiba's Deck A.I. (That bug happened on the 5th turn);

- I began the duel by setting "Pyramid Turtle" on the field and ended my turn.

Turn #2:
- My opponent Normal Summoned a "Mystic Horseman" (I was playing against the Kaiba's deck A.I.).
- Activated the Spell Card "White Dragon Ritual" to Ritual Summon "Paladin of White Dragon"
- Activated the effect of "Paladin of White Dragon" to Special Summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"
- Ended his turn

Turn #3:
- I set a "Goblin Zombie"
- Ended my Turn

Turn #4:
- The A.I. Attacked my face-down "Pyramid Turtle" and destroyed it.
- I activated its effect ("Pyramid Turtle") to Special Summon "Plaguespreader Zombie" in defense position.
- Ended his Turn

Turn #5
- I Normal Summoned "Zombie Master".
- I Flip Summoned "Goblin Zombie".
- I Synchro Summoned "Goyo Guardian" (By sending "Plaguespreader Zombie" and "Goblin Zombie" to the graveyard). *Which triggered the effect of "Goblin Zombie".
- I Added "Uni-zombie" from my Deck to my Hand (Because of the effect of "Goblin Zombie").
- I Activated the effect of "Plaguespreader Zombie" in the graveyard to Special Summon it in defense position.
- I Synchro Summoned "Goyo King" (By sending "Plaguespreader Zombie" and "Goyo Guardian" to the graveyard).

Entered Battle Phase

- I attacked his "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" with my "Goyo King" *"Goyo King" effect activated; gaining 400 ATK. and destroyed my opponent's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".

- I activated "Goyo King" effect (That activates upon destroying one of your opponent monster by battle with this card) to Special Summon that monster (my opponent's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon").

Then nothing happened, and that message appeared in the Chat Log.