As the title said, performage (aka entermage) is known to me have great impact on yugioh meta game. But everyone have their own build right? So let's just share them!

Here are my clown blade decks!

First, Clownblade


Pretty much standard Clownblade ft. Brillant Fusion

And last, EMEm (Performapal Performage)


If you don't experience this deck before, you have no idea how insane it was... I recommend to try and see by yourself [:smile:] .

Everyone has different uses right? Let's just share and you will have some idea from here.
Let me review your deck:
1. Vector Pendulum the Dracoruler and Clash of the Dracorivals are a bad tech. Most of the time you'll already fill both of your Pendulum slots before you have a chance to draw/use those cards.
2. The new card: Ariana Grande(Ariadne the Absolver) is unsearchable in your kind of deck. Though the the idea to abuse the "Solemn" card is brilliant. Take note: "Solemn" cards are also unsearchable in this kind of deck. It feels like you're pushing your luck too much.
3. Three Performapal Monkeyboard are overkill. Run 2 at best. Your kind of deck is already consistent to begin with.
4. Two Tellarknight Ptolemaeus are overkill. You don't need 2nd Tellarknight Ptolemaeus.
5. Run at least 2 Effect Veiler. Effect negation is top priority in every kind of deck.
6. My favorite card in Performage & Pals is Supply Squad. The card combos well with Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer. You can switch the card with Maxx "C".
7. Foolish Burial get along well with Performage Damage Juggler thus adding consistency to your deck.
8. Considered Mystical Space Typhoon or Archfiend Eccentrick to your deck.

The last but not least: using TCG banlist while controlling Performapal & Fellas is considered broken. It would best to use OCG banlist instead for more competitive duels.