Hey guys,

I am interested in modify Ygopro towards other card games so I've been looking into the source code but I am having a hard time understanding the multiple projects that encompasses ygopro.

I managed to compile the ygopro github using soarquin's one and then just using Fluorhydride's ocgcore but once I compiled and the solution has been completely build with no errors, I launch the ygopro.exe and just a white window opens and immediately closes. I believe I might be launching the server perhaps?

If I could get some guidance from here on knowing what each github represents, what exactly should I do to get a proper developer environment going I would deeply appreciate it.

Thanks in advance
I cannot really answer your question, since I hardly understand the source code myself. But I would advise against using the code as a base for a system for different card games. YGOPro is coded specifically with Yugioh's highly complex mechanics in mind, which are not shared with any other card game as far as I am aware, not even close. Sure, the core gameplay looks very similar for many card games, but there are so so many little (and big) differences in gameplay, ordering of actions, general mechanics....

You are better off creating a new system for that card game. It might seem like way more effort in the first place, but I guarantee you, you will save that time later on. Once you adapted YGOPro to another game and fixed every single bug and every little difference between the mechanics etc ect, you will have replaced probably more than 90% of the source code, while spending way more time finding and understanding all those issues. Unless that card game is directly based on Yugioh and has very similar mechanics, I guess.

I won't pretend to know anything about source codes and programming either, but maybe check out the Duel Masters/Kaijudo mod in the projects section, and use that as a base instead.

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