So recently, Busfare on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/busfare) released some info on a custom archetype he thought of called "Martial Artists" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4BM5Fl4pkQ). So I decided to try to code in all of the effects of the monsters and spells he thought of.

Well, they all work great, except that each of the monsters gain 100 ATK for each chain link during the current turn (except for 2 which gain 100 DEF instead), and I can't quite work out how I would get that to work without having each of them place counters on themselves. And the effects definitely don't mention counters.

Here is the code for one of the monsters. I thought about doing an ATK update and setting it do "Duel.GetCurrentChain()*100", but that would start to reset as the chain resolved, and the ATK would be back to normal once the chain is completed.

And this is the actual effect text:
"This card gains 100 ATK for every chain link during the current turn.
As Chain Link 2 or higher, you can Special Summon this card from your hand or graveyard. When this monster is Summoned, add 1 "Martial Artist" monster from your deck to your hand."

Does anyone here have any ideas on how I could get the ATK-up to work without using counters? Help would be greatly appreciated!
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