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Trap Deck Is Deck of traps Just
Consisting of :

60 Cards:
3 Monsters
4 Spells
54 Traps
Dowland :
Trap Deck 
The Trapster (Trap Monster) deck as I like to call it should run 40 cards. For Jinzo and Decree, there are many outs. The easiest are just to put the hands (fire+ice), which take care of both. There is also just archfiend eccentrick or galaxy cyclone. Double Snare also takes care of both.

Other than Tiki Curse, Metal Reflect Slime, Shaddoll Core, Tiki Soul, Swamp Mirrorer, and the First Monarch, all other cards you have in your deck are not trap monsters. In fact, the only cards I would even keep are Tiki Curse, Metal Reflect Slime, and Vanity's Emptiness. Every other card you have in your main deck is not needed. You're missing one of the key cards - Imperial Custom which prevents all your continuous trap cards from being destroyed. You're missing Statue of Anguish Pattern which protects your Trap Monsters from being targeted also can destroy any card on the opponent's side of the field. The extra deck should be 15 cards as well. Not sure why you put Night Express Knight without Skill Drain, maybe just to xyz with Metal Reflect Slime. Anyways, in all, your deck needs serious revamping. You can look at my Trapsters deck (link in sig) for suggestions.

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I laughed then I saw this. The picture says it all right?

You'd also be in trouble if royal decree or sorcerer of dark magic is used.