I have a very simple effect which states: "During your End Phase: Inflict 300 Damage to your opponent for each Anger Counter on this card."

I've tried mangling together, Ebon Curran, Magical Exemplar and a few other cards but I just can't get it to work. This is what I have right now:

What am I screwing up?

Edit: You know what? While I'm here I might as well ask some of the other questions I had.

-How to make a monster gain a counter, if another monster of a specific archetype battles but not itself [SOLVED!! I used Raigeki Bottle as a template]
-Giving a monster a Staunch Defender effect is it's Specialed during the opponent's turn (I thought that one would be easy for me)
-Destroying a monster if it doesn't have a specific counter on it during the End Phase.
-Excavate a number of cards from the top of your deck equal to the amount of counters removed