Hey all -

I'm trying to refine a large Dark Magician themed deck (I don't really want random non-spellcaster related cards in here). I have all of these TCG cards in real life and want to get the number down to 40. Here's what I started with:

And after a lot of work, I removed some cards and here's where I'm at right now:

Did I make good choices with the cards I removed? Or should I have kept in some of the cards I removed? Also, any suggestions what other changes I should make to get the deck down to 40?

Imo , idk if this helps , but gagaga/clown will do the better job as they can spam R4 , and R6~7 (R6 Magi Magi Magician Girl is OCG exclusive ; original author card) toolbox which is faster and reliable way to get Dark Magician on Field ...

None the less , the fastest way currently is to send dark magician to grave , via Armageddon Knight or preferably E-HERO Prisma , the revive the dark magician using Eternal Soul (TCG-Release on March) , or the easiest way to use dark magic curtain 2 is enough . Ancient Rule can be suck if you can not consistently get Dark Magician on hand .

So how about altering the cast a bit with :

E - Emergency Call / A HERO Lives > Get Prisma Faster , and Mill Dark Magician faster , get fusions faster
Reinforcement of the Army > Call Armageddon Knight , mill Dark Magician / Girl or anything good
Armageddon Knight > No biggies !

Dark Magician Girl is just extra IMHO , so 1 is enough ...

Thanks for your reply 042564!

Thanks for the tip about E - Emergency Call! I will definitely add that. How many copies do you recommend?

What are the Gagaga/Clown cards you recommended adding?

I will definitely think about adding Armageddon Knight. But once I send Dark Magician to graveyard using him, what's the best way to get him back out (besides the obvious Soul Charge)? I know I have cards like Dark Renewal & Legion the Fiend Jester I could use, but they can also search Dark Magician from deck, so there's really no reason to send him to the graveyard first.

As for Ancient Rules, should I lower it down to 1 copy? Summoner's Art lets me add Dark Magician from deck to hand, and Ancient Rules lets me special summon Dark Magician from hand. Unless you don't think it's a good combo? (And then there's also Fusion Conscription which lets me get Dark Magician either from Graveyard OR from deck and add him to my hand...)

Thanks for your thoughts!
Just 2 , your deck aren't heavy HERO deck ...

The best way to revive the mill'ed Dark Magician is Eternal Soul , Call of the Haunted , Oasis of Dragon Soul , etc ...

Gagaga/Clown , is a OCG-Deck , i see you don't play OCG cards , but that's good because IMHO OCG's format are fubar , most of OCG tops are brain-dead meta deck , while i think it's not fully brain-dead like Nekroz , but i still think they rarely play something else and choose to play the top format.dek/ydk

But if you want look at Will's channel and find Ebon Illusion Magician OTK , there you will find the Gagaga engine you'll somehow need , and the Clown is now here to help smoothing R4 ...

I have somehow created the deck but i haven't test it enough ....

And lastly , IMHO , you won't need Ancient Rule ...