Are you Tired to be defeated by Meta Overpowered Decks? so this videos is for you, watch top 4 Anti-meta decks 2016 new format with Deck List and more!! and get ready for crush all Overpowered Decks no mercy ... Have Fun :D

Videos link:

mooyan curry
It wouldn't be a RahPharaoh video without StardustAssaultTurbo.ydk in there somewhere. [:tongue:]

From your video opening:

Since 2011, my channel has shown up know how to defeat the most overpowered decks, but in the year 2015/16 KONAMI has changed "Yugioh card game" into a unbalanced Metagame with just one aim: MAKE MORE MONEY !!!

>Implying Konami should leave year-old tier 1 decks untouched to hurt future sales
>Implying marketing isn't the reason for all the past banlist changes as well

You're also using Ygopro. The cards are free there.
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