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I love prophecy Reaper xD
Dammnn this video is killer!.. I have tried to get my replays on utube but damn these softwares are soo laggy. Most of my replays are like 3-5 minutes.. no more than 7 minutes. I started with fraps. Oomgg talk about sliizow.. I could not even get pass 1min without getting annoyed from that slowmotion effect. Then I tried ezvid. Psshh that crap secretly installed "nation toolbar" on my firefox browser. As far as screen captcher goes? Still laggy. I think that is like every screen record program. Once you begin recording the screen, it becomes laggy. Not the type of lagg you can tolerate like on yugioh.. so idk. If I can find some cool generous people who can turn my replays into youtube, send me the avi or mpeg file & I will do the work. I have a few videos that I really want, not much just the intense battles wheter I won or lost.
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