When the cards activate their effect(s), they chain their own effects and it becomes non-stop and it doesn't end; resulting in quitting the match. Please fix this issue, I play anime decks for fun and I would like to play these cards without dealing with Chain Loops.


Um you have to upload your pictures to a site like imgur to be able to post them on here. Those are just local files on your computer. People browsing this can't see anything. I'm going to shut up before I say something rude.
Thank you for trying to be of help I don't use this site too often I just play the game on my computer I really don't know how to convert them but thank you for the information I'll try and use that next time
Michael Lawrence Dee
Maybe we can add a limit so you can only chain it up to the numbers monsters you can affect as well as the limit of its ATK and DEF. We'll take note of this.
Now this is how I play: