I really like Dyson Sphere because of its size (in anime) and its immortallity against normal attack and the effect to direct attack. However its rank is 9, so there are not many ways to summon it. Hieratic deck concentrates on rank 6,8 but I found a way to make it rank 9 also: Using "Tannhauser Gate".
This is my Duel in which I won by direct attack of Dyson Sphere while the opponent has a 4000 ATK monster.

Hieratic's is weak against Dragon Ruler deck with the ability of recycling cards in grave. But I once won Dragon Ruler by OTK in the 2nd turn even when the rival controlled dracossack.
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Tachyon OTK Dragon Ruler.yrp (2kb) downloaded 24 time(s).

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Haahah I definitely gotta see how this went down.. yehh these dragon rulers are the new 6sams in their prime.. I got a yrp of my deck raping an edrag deck.. you know what cards hurt them the most most? Breakthrough skill.. especially bigeye, mechaphantom, book of moon hurts them too. Mostof their def is weak..