Hey guys, we all have different taste in music, so i am not going to push my taste of music upon you.
this is totally on your free will to download. Before you do download, save the following

save the default in a new folder where you can retrieve them, if you are not satisfied with the songs.

tell me what you think.

i was trying to attach the files but seems like an error occurred.
Hello again, i FINALLY got a website to stream it for you, before you download.
take some time to check it out. you can also download it for free.

This is the song.mp3 (dueling song)
DivShare File - song.mp3 

This is the song-advantage, (you are winning)
DivShare File - song-advantage.mp3 

This is the song-disadvantage (you are losing ofcourse)
DivShare File - song-disadvantage.mp3 

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