So I will be naming each one and the bugs that I have found.

Red Layer, Green Layer and Blue layer do not always activate their effect when they are sent to the graveyard, I thought their effect would be similar to the Burning Abyss monsters, but if the monster is sent with Reasoning, it does not activate, if I use E-Tele for the Blue layer and it gets Solemn Warned, and sent to the graveyard the effect is not activating.

Fairy ALphan has several issues, the first effect is a hit or miss. Most of the time only works with Green Layer, and when it works with Green layer I cannot xyz the Green Mecha.

The second effect only works the moment I summon it, if in my opponent's turn they kill Red Layer, and I choose Alphan to go to the field, in My turn I cannot activate its effect.

The Magna Carrier works perfectly with the first effect, but I have been playing around 50 games and I am still not able to trigger the second effect.

I have tried having all 3 XYZ in the field, 2 in the field and one in the graveyard, 2 in the graveyard and one on the field, all 3 on the graveyard and I am never able to activate the effect.

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