So some Friends of mine played against a deck i made that used lose one turn. My friend used kozmo.

The situation is this: Lose 1 turn is activated and on the field. My friend activates a normal summoned farm girl, To banish her and SS Kozmo Sliprider lose1turn activates kozmo sliprider chains and the effect of slip rider is negated.

My friend has said that a judge from an offical yugioh event claims that kozmo sliprider is chain link 2 thus stoping lose 1 turn from negating Kozmosliprider since it is now destroyed. I my self have never had this happen to me at an offical yugioh event, So i want some clarification on if yugioh pro has this bug? Or if my friend is wrong.

BTW this is easy to create. I do not have a video file. If you need one i can make one and send it.

Lose 1 turn Negation effect is continuous, the one that activates is the effect that changes monster to def so splirder will be negated regardless of the chain order

The effect "While a monster is face-up on the field, negate its effects during the turn that monster was Special Summoned." does not use a Chain Link. The effects of the Special Summoned monster are negated only during the turn it is Special Summoned. (If a monster is flipped face-up during the turn it was Special Summoned in face-down Defense Position, that monster's effects are negated.)[1]