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Every time i play i card that allows me to search fusion materials listed on rainbow neos card such as Elemental hero Neos and rainbow dragon or rainbow dark dragon the game only allows me to search only for Elemental Hero Neos also with the effect of Elemental Hero Prisma it doesnt allow me to make him Rainbow dragon i believe there's a bug in that! Also with the effect of forbidden dress whenever i use it it's useless because my monster gets targeted normaly and it also can be destroyed in the turn that i used the card!! Keep up the good work and thank you for your excellent game!!
prisma/fusion conscription/fusion reserve only works for monster name that is specified as material, because rainbow neos write Rainbow Dragon OR Rainbow Dark Dragon, its not treated as one monster's name thus you cant use it for those cards

forbidden dress prevent targeting after it resolved but it doesnt stop targeting that already happened, thus if you activate it in response to a targeting effect that targeting effect will work normally
In the japanese original, Rainbow Neos actually lists the "Rainbow Dragon" archetype, which kinda doesn't exist by name in the translated version. However, since all rulings are based on the japanese cards, it is actually considered as listing an archetype, and not 2 specific cards.