I just joined up here not long ago, so hi, everyone. :)

I've been playing the hell out of Duel Generation on my Xperia for the past 2 months, and I somehow lucked out recently and won a Vylon pack in one of their Facebook events. Fell in love with the archetype, too - this is my current setup:

Deck Name - Imaginarium

Monsters (25):

1x Vylon Hapt: If I get lucky, I'll have Vylon Alpha out with Prism attached to it. Hapt lets me bring back Prism so I can call on Epsilon (or any of the other Synchros, depending on which Tuner is available) as well.

2x Blue Thunder T-45: Just killing something with this cool plane lets me summon an Option Token, either for extra firepower or to be used as a meatshield. It doesn't hurt either that the Tokens can be used as Synchro fodder (except for Omega, anyway).

1x Bright Star Dragon: This one lets me call on Epsilon (using Prism as the Tuner). Alternatively, if either Cube or Stella are on the field, I can normal summon this guy and use his effect to give Cube/Stella 2 extra levels. Then summon Alpha from there.

1x Shining Angel: Even if this guy gets killed, his effect allows me to summon another monster in his place. Usually I bring out Cube or Prism or Stella this way.

2x Tin Goldfish: Having both a Goldfish and Prism in my hand lets me summon both of them using Goldfish's effect, than bring out Vylon Epsilon (with effectively 3800 ATK thanks to Prism's effect) in one go. Or, if I've got at least one Sheep Token on the field as well, I can summon Alpha instead.

3x The Tricky: I usually summon this guy together with Prism (discard a Vylon equip card if possible) to bring out Vylon Alpha, then use Prism's effect for the power boost AND destruction immunity (no gay-ass Dark Hole or Torrential Tribute or Mirror Force or whatever). Slap on Vylon Segment and targeted monster effects/traps can't touch him either. Alternatively, I could summon this guy together with Cube or Stella to bring out Epsilon, plus a free equip card right off the bat.

3x Vylon Prism: I love Prism's effect - any monster with this guy attached gets a 1000 ATK boost. And since my most frequently used Synchros are Epsilon and Alpha...

1x Vylon Stigma: For passing them equip cards around as necessary.

2x Vylon Soldier: His effect can be useful every now and then. It doesn't hurt that using this guy as Synchro fodder lets me bring out Vylon Element, provided I haven't already done so.

2x Vylon Tesseract: Apart from this one's obvious use as Synchro fodder, the equip effect's pretty nice too. A monster that kills anything with this slapped on to it allows you to bring back one of your Vylons from the grave. And being able to survive destruction at least once with Tesseract equipped doesn't hurt either.

1x Vylon Vanguard: Ideally, slap at least one or two equip cards on this guy with Vylon Element activated. Even if he gets destroyed by some cheap spell or trap effect, being able to draw more cards and/or summon Tuners isn't a bad trade.

2x Vylon Cube: So I can have free equips whenever I Synchro summon. If The Tricky is available, summon Epsilon; if not, either Sigma or Delta. The best case scenario would involve summoning Omega using both Cubes as the Tuners.

3x Vylon Stella: Stella's insta-kill effect as an equip card helps get rid of annoying things like Marshmallon.

1x Vylon Ohm: For recycling equip cards as necessary.

Spells (18):

2x Double Cyclone: I can't get MST in Duel Generation without shelling out real money, so this'll have to do. In any case, having to destroy one of your own spells together with your enemy's isn't so bad when it's your Vylon equip card you're destroying.

2x Rod of Silence - For the Element loop, 'nuff said. There's two of these here in case of certain annoyances like Mystical Gay - err, Mystical Space Typhoon.

2x Vylon Matter: Recycles 3 equip cards while giving you either a free draw, or a silver bullet against anything on your enemy's side of the field.

1x Scapegoat: For instant meatshields in case of cheap-ass spells/traps (Looking at you, Dark Hole/Mirror Force/Torrential Tribute). If you're lucky, you could even bring out Epsilon or even Alpha with the help of the cute little lambs.

1x Tribute to the Doomed - Useful for getting at least one enemy monster out of the picture. Alternatively, if you have Element activated and a monster with at least one (two if possible) Vylon equip card slapped on to it, use this card to destroy that monster instead to trigger Element's effect. Then summon any lvl 4 Vylon to bring out Omega/Epsilon/Alpha/whoever.

2x Vylon Element: No explanation needed. That crap about missing the timing is annoying as hell, though.

2x Vylon Segment: For defense against certain annoying single target traps and monster effects. In particular, slap this on Vylon Alpha and your enemy won't have any choice but to kill him the old-fashioned way (which won't be easy if Alpha's got Prism attached as well).

2x Vylon Material: For a simple and straightforward 600 ATK boost.

2x Vylon Component: This one works best if the monster you're attacking has really low DEF, in which case you may as well be attacking directly.

2x Vylon Filament: Because I absolutely hate losing Sigma and Epsilon and Omega to cheap things like Mirror Force and such.

Traps (7):

1x A Rival Appears: Best used if there's a lvl 4 monster on the enemy's side, in which case I can call on one of my own.

1x Burst Rebirth: 2000 LP to revive any monster from the grave isn't so bad, especially when there's no strings attached otherwise.

1x Dust Tornado: Best used with Double Cyclone when there's at least 2 spells/traps on the enemy's side.

2x Miracle's Wake

2x Widespread Ruin

Extra Deck (15, from least relevant to most relevant):

1x Ancient Sacred Wyvern: If I'm not so lucky and all I have on the field is Goldfish and Cube/Stella, this is one of my limited options. ATK goes up if you've got more LP than your enemy, so at least there's that.

1x Seven Swords Warrior: See above. This one also comes with a poor man's version of Vylon Epsilon's effect (only works on face-up monsters; also, just equipping anything to this monster takes 800 LP from the enemy, and since I usually summon him using Stella...)

1x Vylon Delta: If for some reason I can't attack and there's no better option available, I call on this guy. Just leaving him in Defense mode means I get a free equip card every turn. If Element's already activated, all I need is Rod of Silence and any Vylon equip card to get the party started.

2x Vylon Sigma: If at all possible, I try to summon this guy using Cube so I get a free equip card right off the bat (usually Rod of Silence). Then attack and activate his effect to pull another equip card. Even better if Element's already out, otherwise wait until next turn to kickstart the loop.

3x Vylon Epsilon: I put 3 of this guy because he's my most frequently summoned Synchro. Given an equip card, a single Epsilon could wipe out at least 2 enemy monsters in a single turn.

2x Vylon Alpha: My second most frequently used Synchro. As said above, I usually summon this guy using The Tricky and Prism, then use Prism's effect for an instant 1000 ATK boost AND immunity to destruction by spells/traps. Slap on Segment as well and single-target monster effects and traps (things like Fiendish Chain) won't be able to touch him either. All in all, I like to think of Epsilon and Alpha as the Darth Vader/Starkiller tandem of my deck.

2x Vylon Omega: Continuing the Star Wars analogy, Omega would be Emperor Palpatine to Epsilon's Starkiller and Alpha's Darth Vader. To elaborate, Epsilon and Alpha see much more action during my duels compared to Omega, but if I bring this guy out, victory's usually within reach. I usually slap on Filament and Segment for added protection, while attaching Prism if possible for the power boost. His ability to negate monster effects is also pretty awesome (*cough*BattleFader*cough*).

3x Vylon Disigma: From my experience, this guy sees even less action during my duels than Omega does (and that's saying something). That said, being able to absorb an enemy monster to use as an equip card helps quite a bit, especially if the monster in question happens to be something particularly nasty (Yubel and all her forms come to mind here).

• • •


The usual stuff - Book of Moon is irritating, as are things like Forbidden Lance, Falling Down, Change of Heart (or whatever the usable equivalent is) and such. In Alpha's case in particular, even if he can't be touched by things like Dark Hole, Torrential Tribute or Mirror Force, he can still be destroyed by monster effects or bounced off the field (Metaion, Compulsory Evac, etc), especially if he gets caught without Segment.

Open to comments/suggestions 🙂
Dude, just saying, but can you put a ydk file?
Dude you should play YGOPRO. Why are you on this forum talking about Duel Generation (That game sucks)? Play Ygopro... It's free and it has way more cards and a better AI. And it is available for Android.
My Vylon deck:
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I downloaded the app just earlier today, gotta copy the card pictures next and I'll be all set.

TBH I didn't know there was YGOPRO for Android until I found this place while looking for Vylon tips, so.. ^^;;

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