Basic - A basic skin with minimal distractions.


As you can see most that could be changed, has been changed, i have opted out of changing a few things, since i couldn't find something better to replace it, an example would be the duelwin music.

New music has been added and the playerenter sound has been muted completely.

This theme also includes a new format called the "Fully Traditional Format"
it is based on the Traditional banlist but also bans any Xyz/Synchro/Pendulum cards.
Check out the included "Fully Traditional Format" file for more info on this format.

Known bugs:
- No text on phase buttons in duel mode
- Text inside buttons in duel mode are too large

Music and Font author attributions are included in the readme file.

There were more things i would have liked to change but was unable to.

Download mirrors: 

You're free to reupload the files elsewhere, when these links eventually die.
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