Machine Duplication will not summon the other 2 copies of Solar Wind Jammer when it has been summoned with its effect to make it 400 atk. cost me duel
This has already been asked before. You can only control 1 Solar Wind Jammer.
solar wind jammers atk is only halved when its summoned with its own inherent ability from the hand , not with a card effect , since it says

" , but "

( its part of the same sentence -- its part of the same effect line )

more worse , there can only be 1 solar wind jammer on the field ( face - up ) but u can still set it even tho when its errata comes they will remove " face - up " from its text , which konami does alot now
this happened to me once in a karakuri dual duel
i cudent summon mine cuz the opponent had a face - up jammer [:lol:]

i dont know why tcg konami places that text as the very last sentence , probably cuz its a condition ,
but in the ocg its usually on the first line text of the card

thank u [:clap:]