the A.I is well kinda stupid i've noticed that a pre-made decks
i.E. archtype works works very well for the most part but when i have the A.I. use a
hand made deck it make the dumb'est moves like destroying its own card instead of mine
and not making synchor summons even when i let it build up monsters on the field. Examples
include ME having 4 cards in S/T A.I. using twin-twister to destroy its own cards. [:thumdn:]

A.I. on 1st turn summoned pachingo kart use'ed its eff to destroy its self just to get tri-eyed dice
in grave then used tri-eyed dice before i even summoned a monster[:thumdn:]

i was using a pendulum deck and A.I. used speed recovery to get back speedroid menko
and set menko instead of waiting to use its effect[:thumdn:]

it also seems the A.I. use's effects just cuz it can not cause its the best move to make.
(I.E. dumb) even when my hand made decks are based on a archtype the A.I. still does not make
the best moves
the A.I really needs......REAL A.I. it had ODD-EYES UNICORN & SKULLCROBAT JOKER in hand both are scale 8 the damn thing set both in the pendulum zone[:angry:] [:angry:] [:angry:] [:thumdn:] [:thumdn:] [:thumdn:] not really accurate
to call it A.I when its half an idiot
The AI is designed to work with the pre-made "AI_" decks. If you modify them, or if you give the AI your own custom decks, there is a risk, that the AI won't be able to handle the decks. See the AI FAQ  as well.

Although, I should be able to improve generic pendulum scale handling. The AI would probably still handle your deck incorrectly, but at least it wouldn't mess up its scales as much.
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