Ok so here it is....I had a Face up Eternal soul with Dark magician on the field my opponent then plays on his turn Twin Twister to destroy my eternal soul, knowing i can't stop twin twister i decide to activate Eternal soul the first time that turn to add a Dark Magic attack into my hand...i go through all the motions of selecting the card from my deck but it never comes into my hand and twin twister destroys eternal soul and im left without my last dark magic attack from my deck...when I asked the opponent about it they said twin twister negates...now i know for a fact that twin twister is just a heightened version of mst and it does not negate at all and this isn't the first time a destruction spell has stopped eternal souls activation without negating it, so im wondering if there is a bug in there and it's not a timing issue i checked. If anyone can give me clarification that would be great (for any questions, Twin twister was played first then i chained Eternal soul to the activation)
which one activate first (the first one in chain)? if you activate eternal soul, then your opponent chain twin twister afterward, twin twister would resolve first, destroying eternal soul, and since eternal soul is a continuous, it need to remain face-up to resolve its effect so the effect wouldnt resolve

if your opponent activate twin twister first, then you chained eternal soul, activating effect, eternal soul effect would resolve before twin twister can destroy it

neither mst or twin twister negates (in fact i dont think there's a spell that destroy then negates a card)
Twin Twister Activated first then i chained eternal soul to it, so eternal soul should go on the stack first and then resolve before it got destroyed.