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Judging from its text, that seems to be how It work.

It looks like that "Heartfelt Appeal"/"Mind Control"'s restriction disappears at the EP, so "GECD"'s effect might go the same way.
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As XTAL said, when I first scripted this card, I thought the alterations were permanent, and only the control ended at the End Phase, or at least it seemed that way from how the effect was worded. However, if "Heartfelt Appeal" has similar wording and the effects end with the turn, then Cipher is definitely bugged: I'll fix it as soon as I can.
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After Cipher Dragon's effect wears off in the End Phase, the controlled mosnter returns to my opponent, but its ATK stays at 3000, its effects are still negated and it is still called Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon, is that a bug? Or it has something to do with the wording of the effect?

iirc it's the anime effect that wears at the end of the turn.
" take control of that target until the End Phase, but its effects are negated, its ATK becomes 3000, and its name becomes "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon"." The control is the only thing that wears off, not the name and atk change
GECD has another bug. When it's used to steal an opponent's Kaiju while the player controls a Kaiju, the Kaiju that the player controlled is destroyed. Since the new Kaiju doesn't have "Kaiju" in its name when the control is switched, neither of them should be destroyed.
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I don't know if that's a bug or not: similar cards apply effects to the monsters after the control has been changed, so there is a brief window of time in which 2 Kaijus are coexisting. I've uploaded a patch for now, but we should wait the official rulings for GECD just to be sure.
I'm not sure either, but in any case the monster destroyed (if any) should be the one that switches control, not the other one.
GECP keeps destroying the Kaiju that doesn't switch control (Idk if the latest fix was about that or not, but if it was, it didn't work).