Hello, that is my first topic
Let's start, why don't you guys develop a windows mobile version of ygopro, you see now developing apps for windows mobile is more easier, and with Microsoft new free tools you can make the windows mobile app with same code you used for iOS or Windows pc, also you can make a universal app for both windows pc and mobile, and you can use one code to develop the app for android, iOS and windows mobile & pc; as Microsoft developed its new tools for developers for free within visual studio 2016 with all these advantages.
Waiting for you replies 😉 .
Are you a Windows representative?
No in fact I'm a windows phone user I just tried to spread all the ideas in my thought why won't be there a ygooro version for windows phone. I'm bored of the lack of apps there, I'm a computer programmer also I know that the owner of the game using specific programming language so I just wanted to help, sorry for any misunderstanding.
Hi chaoschaser01,

There were plans for porting Windows Phone but due to recent developments those are now on hold. Let me share a few of my rather frustrating concerns.

(WP = Windows Phone)
-The WP market share has dropped further. It was already minuscule to begin with.
-I purchased a WP 8.1 for development. Microsoft promised that those phones (most of them) would get a free upgrade to Windows 10. Now I have found out that my device will not get the update because it only has 512MB ram. I am not going to purchase yet another device.
-In the recent Microsoft Build conference WP was completely absent. This is concerning for anyone developing for the platform. Especially for small developers like me.
-My initial plans were to use the android to WP project aka Project Astoria. Microsoft has killed it recently.
-Converting the Ygopro project to a universal app is going to take a long time. I have no experience with it. We already have Ygopro built for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS using native tools.

In summary, in my opinion it is not worth the effort. Microsoft's questionable decisions and broken promises are not helping either.

Don't expect anything soon though. WP is now on the bottom of my list.

Im using Windowns phone xD
I've to thank you very much for your reply, I understand how wp became no worthy, but what I can say to you are some advices maybe help you and I hope that, you can use windows insider program to upgrade your phone to windows 10 then you can take no updates but the official ones, I think through Microsoft new developing tools inside visual studio 2016 you can develope a version of the game with the same iOS code which will work on android windows and iOS actually, if you can check these new developing tools inside the new visual studio..
Thank you
You can also use windows insider program to upgrade to the official build by setting to release preview ring in that case you'll get the official updates and there'll be no different between what you have in the phone and the official build.
As an ex-Windows phone user, my advice is, change as soon as you are able, especially if you want to use apps. Windows phones have nothing that make them better than others, and they never get any of the cool stuff other phones have for apps.