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I just watched list of zexal episodes and i sow some awsome chaos number cards.So do you think we will evet ger cards like
Number c107 Neo Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon
Number c92 Heart Earth Chaos Dragon
Numner c69 Haraldry Chaos Crest,cant wait fot the last one coz its awesome.
And also why we did'g get subbed episodes of Zexal in last month and a half.Last one that is subbed is episode 106 i think and i rly cant wait to see tron family back in action.
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Ahem, spoiler tags please?

People who watch the dub instead of the sub aren't even done with the Heartland Tournament yet.

Also, I don't know about those cards. If we do get them, expect a heavy effect change like with vanilla Heraldry Crest.
I think that new chaos numbers will be released in the upcoming sets or maybe as promos but their effect will probably be changed.Btw I'd like to try number c69 but if it's going to be released with it's original effect probably it's going to have absurd summoning conditions or it would be terribly broken. Anyway I hope we get some news soon since I really want to see this cards just hope they won't take as long as gimmick puppet to be released
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