Hello fellow duelists. After multiple duels with decks from the anime I have found some cards that sadly do not work. One of these cards is the winged dragon of Ra:

The Winged Dragon of Ra - Once phoenix mode had been activated to destroy a 10 star monster (the wicked god avatar in this case), mound of the bound field spell protected it yet the winged dragon of ra's effect states that no effects can prevent the monster from being destroyed. Also, when I normal summon Ra and then special summon him later on, activating his point-to-point transfer effect, he is special summoned with the same attack points as he was normal summoned and then the point-to-point transfer does not work properly.

Michael Lawrence Dee
Anime Ra is not in the official game. Is the issue with Phoenix Mode? Phoenix Mode is not in the official game while Ra is downloadable here, in the first page. 

Please report Phoenix Mode well we can just wait until this gets resolved.
Now this is how I play:
Were you up against the anime Wicked Avatar? Or the legal one?
Yeah it was the anime Ra trying to destroy the anime wicked god avatar but mound protected him