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Been a while since I ran into the AI being able to make plays that are outright illegal. (I never use the cheating AI.) Nevertheless, I seem to have run into one.

The setup is as follows:
  • The player has multiple cards that have Kaiju Counters on them. For an example, let's say there's a Kyoutou Waterfront in play with 2 Kaiju Counters, and a Kaiju X-Files which has 1 Kaiju Counter.
  • The AI controls a Kaiju. For our example, let's say it's Gadarla.
  • Enough Kaiju Counters exist among the cards on the field that the AI's Kaiju's effect can be activated, but no one of those cards has enough Kaiju Counters for that effect. (For our example, let's use the Counter counts I established in point 1.)
  • All other activation conditions for the AI's Kaiju's effect are met. (For our example, let's say the player controls a Dogoran.)

The expected outcome for my example would be that the AI would activate the effect of Gadarla, using the two counters from Waterfront and the one counter from X-Files. The actual outcome is that the effect is indeed activated, but counters are only removed from X-Files, even though there aren't actually enough Counters on X-Files alone.

I tested this in both the regular and debug versions of the program. In neither case did I get any sort of error message. I've only run into this with the AI; players cannot cheat the costs like this.
Thanks for the report, I'll look into it.