Hello, first of all, excuse-me for any mistakes in english. I'm french and I do all I can to write correctly.

I think there is card that not appear in ygopro, cards from the booster pack "Number Hunters", I can see cards like Lion's Heart, Master of blades, but I don't see the card "Night Papilloperative", "Blue mountain butterspy" ... does those cards are not in ygopro ? or maybe in a different name ?

Thank you for taking this thread in consideration and thank you if you want to give me any answers.
Number Hunters was officially released yesterday.

Give Percy some time to code the cards and put them in.

They will most likely be in the next update.
The game has most of the XYZ's from Number Hunters so be grateful for that 😃
Thank you both for your answers.

And sure I'm grateful for his work! I can't say it's not a good and fast work. I don't really follow each booster pack so I just learned today that the booster was out yesterday (with shadow specters, number hunters...I'm a little bit lost).

So I'm gonna wait until the next update 🙂 Thank you
Im trying to find the Eidolon Beasts. They are an A.I deck but yet they are nowhere to be seen in the database?
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