Toon Dark Law
D- Death Match second effect gives me an error everytime to increase a Destiny HERO attack power, also D-HERO Dystopia effect does not activate to inflict damage equal to a Fusion Material using the new trap D-Fusion. Thank you guys so much for the Card Updates [:thumbu:]
If you have a bug with a card from my pack, don't hesitate to post in my topic, this section is more for card officialy in the main game

for the cards themself they are working fine in my side, if you can, give more detail about the problem like the error showed with death match
Toon Dark Law
Destiny HERO Dystopia effect to inflict damage equal a fusion material won't activate when summoned by the the effect of D-Fusion during my opponent's turn. As for the error of D-Death Match; The second effect to target a Destiny HERO and increase the attack points of the monster equal to the difference of damage inflicted to your opponent gives me a Script Error: [string "./script/c95100812. lua"] :33: parameter 1 should be "Card" and does not increase my Destiny HERO monster an attack boost.

Thank You So Much CyberCatMan, I will post in your Topic next time, sorry about that.
Try to download the latest pack, maybe you are using outdated files

EDIT: Found the bug with Death match,will be corrected next update
Toon Dark Law
Thank you so much again! Really appreciate the updates!