I was wondering, the AI deck should have more decks based from previous ones from the anime, manga and current cards. This way we could practice our strategies against a little more variety, and see what needs to be improved. What do you all think?
I wholeheartedly agree 100%! The AI should have as many decks as possible.

Unfortunately, it is not all that easy to implement a new deck for the AI in YGOPro. The program was created for player vs player duels mostly, without an AI in mind, so implementing decks for the AI takes a while.

If you do not have it yet, check out the latest experimental version , it comes with a couple of new decks, including Gladiator Beasts and Lightsworns. I am constantly working on new decks, and occasionally, some community members code their own decks as well, which I then implement into the AI. Feel free to check out the AI scripting tutorial , if you are interested in adding decks yourself, or if you're just curious, how much work is involved in adding a new deck.
I not good at code, but i want to see the AI making a Shooting Quasar with the Synchron deck. Sometimes he get closer, but always make a huge mistake and destroy a important card. U.u

Maybe he can do it in Future.

Sorry for my bad english.
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