Hey everyone of the YGOPRO community!

If this isn't allowed then I apologize, feel free to remove it!

But I've created a YGOPRO deck download website. It's a site that lets users come together to upload and download decks to share with each other. It's been live for three days now and already has received an amazing response from the Yu-Gi-Oh Subreddit community  and even Percy of YGOPRO has re-tweeted  my website himself.

The website is basically split into three categories: Meta, Non-Meta and Anime themed decks. There is plans for further expansion of the categories down the line. All the files are hosted on the website sever with no re-directs to external download sites. Downloads should be fast and easy for the players which is something I believe in. I'd personally not use it if I was re-directed to some crappy download site for every single deck file.

Anyway guys, the site is far from done. I plan on working on this website for many months and have already received awesome advice on subtle changes which I have taken on board.

The website can be visited at and I encourage you all to upload some decks to it for the community to enjoy!

If anyone needs to contact me immediately about it then feel free to hit me up on the twitter account  for the site or my own reddit account .

This is the one i use, and is really cool, with card pricing and other 
Michael Lawrence Dee
I quite like this, even if I don't use Twitter for YGoPro that much. Anyways, feel free to upload my decks there. 

My decks are based off the character (or some of their strategies) but they are not full Anime Character Decks. All of my decks don't follow the banlist, so yeah...

Also, I believe the revision date is in the Github page in there?
Now this is how I play:
Cool !
Website has a nice layout and looks great, well done !
Look forward to checking out some decks...

I only found lots on a subreddit just a few days ago, sadly, I
have no idea who they belong to, otherwise you could ask them
and maybe upload the lot ;)

This is what I'm talking about:;cid=CEC230E8CE046179 

There all in .ydk format and I've successfully tested quite a few :)
It's just titled "TCG OCG Decks"
Thanks for putting the time in to make that site. Good layout, easy to use. Nice work! 

I could be wrong, though.
Hi Gralzeim !

I think you may well be right :)
Thanks for that !
Interesting site, but maybe design could be a little more organized..