After getting a fair bit of coding under my belt, I decided to take a look at an old card that seemed to be broken: Grenadier. ID 511000712. And to my surprise, I actually figured out the problem. The error appears to be a simple typing slip-up. There are three locations where it says RESET_PHASE+RESET_END. If they are all changed to RESET_PHASE+PHASE_END, the card works as intended.
Michael Lawrence Dee
I'm aware how to fix those bugs. [:tongue:] [:lol:]

Thanks for reporting this, that's 1 less card out of.... Yeah.
Anyways, the RESET_END issue is widely known. Here are the fixes for the rest of the cards. 

After downloading my fixes, and Grenadier, if you find any other RESET_END issues, just report them. [:thumbu:]
Now this is how I play: